In case you haven’t heard, open letters are all the rage. And since I am always up on the latest trends (#sarcasm – did I do that right?) and since I don’t know who to send this to, I thought I’d try one. Stop me if you can’t keep up with my hipness.


Dear Hashtag,
I’m writing to you out of humble concern. You’ve hit the big time. And I couldn’t be more proud of you. But let’s be honest, I remember the pre-fame days where you were just a (shhh) number sign and you donned many a high school sporting event signs – WE’RE #1! Or you decorated that special kind of pencil, you know, the kind only used by sweaty test-taking hands. Remember when you were just known for completing angry phone keypad selections because no human voice was on the other end? Those were the days, weren’t they? Behind the scenes, you were mixing it up though. You were already embedded deep in the clutches of technology, way before the Twitterverse took you in, washed you behind your ears and adopted you for a life changed forever. Techies knew you intimately for years in their own language. Now, you are everywhere. You’re on our computer screens, our mobile devices, our TVs. You categorize, you promote and you trend. We can’t go anywhere without seeing you. Or hearing you. We abuse you, it’s true and I’m sorry for that. We just don’t know how to be heard without you, without the followers you bring. But what about you? What’s in it for you? I don’t want to burst your bubble, but what happens when another symbol comes along on a shiny new platform that can do everything you can do, but better, faster and with more volume? We aren’t a culture that praises longevity. And I don’t want to see you with hurt feelings when you start to drop out of teenage lingo. They’ll be the first to let you go. But don’t worry, there are always groups willing to save something. #savethehashtag might catch on for a while. If you’re lucky, a celebrity, preferably an A-Lister who hasn’t grossly overused you, will call attention to the important work you once did, bringing important topics to the forefront. The power is in the numbers. But hey, who knows that better than you?
A concerned citizen

So, there it is. My first open letter. Can anyone tell me if it’s trending yet?


2 thoughts on “#OpenLetter

  1. Seriously you need to be writing a column somewhere. Why didn’t you go to school in journalism? We need a good one out there cause there aren’t many in my opinion. You put the ones at the Sentinel to shame. Keep it up! Who knows maybe you could get your own show on Fox News! lol

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