The Power Struggle

I blame the power company for all arguments with Ironman. We have a difference in opinion in how cool or not cool the house should be. Every month the almighty power house emails us. Like we’re friends of theirs. Most companies who email share helpful tips or fun facts. And they do. But sandwiched in between this friendly advice is a beautiful illustration.

Power Bill
The answer is yes. The “You” bar is ALWAYS double that of our neighbors. And if that’s not bad enough, I get to hear about the fancy efficient neighbors, who are probably dining by candlelight in clothesline-dried clothes, eating off of hand washed plates. Someone at the table is humming softly as they don’t own a tv or radio. Little Johnny is in the corner riding a Rock the Bike bicycle, graciously mixing up a desert smoothie in the attached blender for my beloved, perfect green neighbors. They snuggle in for the night, gazing at the starlit sky, tucked in under what I can only imagine is a solar paneled roof. I don’t know why the power company likes to get me in trouble. I obviously keep them well funded and secure in employment. You’d think they’d spend their time targeting those pesky save-the-planeters who clearly don’t contribute to the power company’s bulging pockets. I know you’re dying to hear how the argument discussion with Ironman goes:

Ironman: Look at this!
Me: I know.
Ironman: Have you seen this energy email?
Me: Yes, I can’t believe our neighbors use so little power.
Ironman: No, we use too much!
Me: They must not have little kids who need their clothes washed every other day.
Ironman: (provides long list of all immediate neighbors who have young children)
Me: Ah. They must not be married to a triathlete who works out twice a day and needs HIS clothes washed every other day.
Ironman: (silence)

The struggle continues.


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