Because His Daddy Never Did

Ironman and Little J Hand

You’ve met the Cleaver’s right? I grew up in that house. Ok, not THAT house with Wally, Theodore and the Beav. But I grew up in a similar house, with two parents who kissed when dad got home from work. We spent quality time together as a family. Now that I am older, I realize that was not everyone’s experience. My sister and I were lucky. We are lucky to have that childhood tucked away in our memories box. Ironman did not grow up in that house. His childhood was much different than mine. His dad was not part of his life. But this doesn’t stop him from being a phenomenal dad, which is one of the reasons I love him. When he comes home from work (which most of the time means a tiresome trek across the house from his home office), he hugs and kisses all over the Littles and says “Do you know why I smother you with kisses? Because my daddy never did.” This fills me simultaneously with both sadness and gratitude. I wish Ironman could have grown up in our house (well, not our house, because that would just be weird). But I am so thankful that our kids are growing up in that house. As you know from A Valentine’s Day Ode to Ironman, we have a weekly trip to Costco. Sometimes, I’ll wander off to look at something and upon reuniting, Little J will be sporting a huge smile, while holding a toy truck that may or may not be remote control and may or may not make some obnoxiously real (and loud) noises. Ironman will buffer my raised brow with a “Do you know why daddy is getting you a truck? Because my daddy never did.” I let it go, because really, our house is anything but quiet anyway and who doesn’t love the noise of a truck backing up while on the phone with the pediatrician? But what Ironman may not realize is that he doesn’t need to buy the Littles anything that he didn’t have growing up. He has already given them everything they need just by doing one thing. He showed up. And one day Little J will hold his littles and say “Do you know why I smother you with kisses? Because my daddy always did.”


2 thoughts on “Because His Daddy Never Did

  1. Just read your post. Awesome piece my dear. It’s a shame you are not read by more people. Buy that’s okay, I get to read them. Don’t stop.
    Love ya,

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