A Valentine’s Day Ode to Ironman

Love is hard to come by these days. Let me restate that. Love is everywhere, just ask The Bachelor. But sometimes it takes a trained eye to notice real love.

Love Keys

Take Ironman and I. There’s nothing more romantic than a trip to Costco. We make it a weekly date. Strolling through the aisles physically keeping each other from buying the 240 piece tool set or the crystal chandelier holding hands. Sometimes we even order an appetizer or a desert from the food sampler cart and con the vendor into believing we have quintuplets in a second shopping cart one aisle over so we can get more. And Ironman almost always gets me flowers, or at least he points out how we could get twice as many roses as the local flower shop for the same price as we walk by. We gaze at each other over the cart, smartly stocked with 40 cans of tuna, even though we don’t have a cat. We laugh in unison as we notice Little J’s contraband he lifted from the clothing section when we weren’t looking and decide to purchase him the new outfit because he’s already bitten the tag off. Little A’s eyes dance across the warehouse and she giggles as Ironman runs the cart down the last few aisles. As we reach self checkout, we take great pride in our thrifty decisions and speculate whether we’ll share a candlelight dinner over one of the 20 chicken breasts or whip something up from the four pounds of ground beef. As the sun dips below the Costco sign, we knowingly share a smile because Ironman could have made this trip in half the time and probably would have scored the tool set. But he didn’t. Because our weekly trip to Costco is quality family time. And that my friends, is real love. Happy Valentines Day, Ironman.


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