Today I Am

Speed Limit 40

Today I am 40. I have to say, I came a little late to the game. I didn’t get married until 36. I didn’t have my first child until 38. And my daughter slipped in at the top of the hill. You see, I come from a long line of procrastinators. I do my best work the night before it’s due. Ironman is the same way, which means I can count on raising two all-nighter nail biters. With four decades behind me, I feel like it’s a long time when I look at my babies. But then next to my amazing parents, I still feel like a baby myself. I have so much to do yet, so much to learn. On my 40 Eve, my friend asked me “how do you feel about turning 40 tomorrow?” To be honest, I only realized I was saying goodbye to my thirties last week. A little panic set in but quickly faded. Because the truth is I don’t feel old. Well maybe when Ironman says “I don’t know how you do it at your age”. Keep in mind he is three months younger than me. Or maybe when my teenage niece uses words I’ve never heard before. Then maybe a little. But other than that I generally feel like I am frozen in time in my twenties. And I feel thankful. Of course thankful to have made it to 40. But also thankful for all the good (and bad) experiences I’ve had to date. I actually feel credible. Knowledgeable even. Most importantly, I still feel hopeful, despite learning more about the world and its sometimes harsh lessons. I look forward to tomorrow. I guess I better load up on the caffeine because I do my best work late in the game.


2 thoughts on “Today I Am

  1. As a witness to many of those 40 years I will say you have done amazing work the ENTIRE time. I’m excited to see what lies ahead…but I’m here to confirm that some things may have come later to you, but being a wonderful friend and all around great person has been constant for what seems like forever to me. Love on your birthday. Damn we are old! (But I’m still a year younger than you 😉

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