I am a Jetson

I had one of those days today. You know, the kind where you’re rolling along about your day and suddenly something hits you and it makes you stop and think. Today I realized  I am a Jetson. I don’t mean I full on travel in a personal spaceship (though Ironman might disagree) but I realized that my life, my kids’ lives are sprinkled with things even the Jetsons couldn’t have dreamed up. The realization began while arriving at my table at a restaurant. I felt like I did it in slow motion. As I approached our table, my head was still scanning the restaurant tabletops. What in the world were personal touchscreen doodads (official name, I swear) doing on every table? The menu, digitally flashing like a tiny billboard, drew us in like kryptonite. Little J’s fingertips reached for it like a chocolate chip cookie as he grunted to make it come closer. He wasn’t the only one. Upon further investigation (by Ironman, of course) we learned that we could order dessert or drinks from it and while we waited, Little J could play educational apps to keep him quiet entertained. Part of me was in awe of the device and the other part of me shrugged and actually thought “what took them so long to come out with this?”. Wow. I could win the Meh award of the year with that attitude. But it got me thinking. Earlier that afternoon I ate lunch with Ironman as Little J prepared to nap. I use “prepared” because Little J decided it wasn’t in his best interest to enlist in the shut eye. As I crunched on my chips carrot sticks, I watched Little J on the baby monitor. He circled the matress then reached for his pants. I grabbed the monitor and depressed the microphone button. “Stop!” I shouted. “Do NOT pull down your pants!” Magic Mike looked up at the camera perched high atop the tv and the look on his face made Ironman and I break out in laughter. He couldn’t fathom how mom could see what he was doing. Even more so, how I could speak to him through the television. Once I stopped laughing about my halftime lunch show, I realized the Super Bowl was glowing on the multiple tvs in the restaurant. How could this be? It was only 6:30! Ironman immediately jumped on his Batphone and set the DVR remotely to record the game. Whew. Crisis averted. We wouldn’t have to look clueless and shrug our shoulders when someone asked us tomorrow if we saw the cute commercial with the dog and the horse. And that’s when the realization completed its download. I am a Jetson. But then I had to ask myself, when Little J is my age, what will he be?


3 thoughts on “I am a Jetson

  1. Magic mike… That’s funny 😉 remember when we didn’t have text? Now that seems weird…but pretty sure if we had text in high school that I would not have graduated.

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